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World Premiere in Southindia

Now the first possible festival has actually been confirmed.
My short documentary „What’s German“ has its world premiere on May 26th, 2023 at the „Pune Short Film Festival“ in southern India.
In addition to camera and editing, I also made the film music myself again.
The short synopsis:
An Indian artist came to Germany for three months to collect 100 typical German objects for a museum in India. The project is an alternative to an Indian curiosity collection in Germany. More than 300 years ago it were the first priests from Germany in India who sent curiosities to Germany. Now it shouldn’t be a white man but an Indian woman. The film introduces the artist in her home country and shows how she asked herself: „What is German?“

The poster for the film
worldpremiere in south india with my filmFilmmaker Jens Kramer on Pune Short Film Festival