Hacked on Instagram!

Somebody of my followers on instagram asked me for help today:

„Can you please send me a screenshot of the link I send you via sms. I can´t reach my account… p l e a s e! “

„Her“ phonenumber was from UK and the link was to restore „her“ insta account / change her password. But it was a link to change my password! So its possible that somebody else could ask instagram for a reset of my password and than usually I will get the sms, but it wasn´t signed by FB or IG. Kind of a teenager-trick… Why do people something like this?

So this hacker unfollows me and changed my user-name „jenzkramer“ to „jenzkramer.__“ and the password of my account.

Take care, there is a lot of stupidity out there!

Update: 2 weeks ago I report it to IG security, till now no answer. I made a new account „https://www.instagram.com/jenskramer_color“ (A new start 2022 for color photos).

UPDATE: I got my old account back today, yeah!   The new account I will use for color Photos. You can follow my old account for BlackandWhite Photos: https://www.instagram.com/jenskramer_bnw/